Traditional sand and cement screeds are time consuming and labour intensive. A standard 75mm screed usually takes around 110 days to completely dry enough for floor covering eg carpet, wood flooring, vinyl etc. Depending on temperature and humidity this can take even longer.

We offer 2 types of screed:

Liquid screed

Liquid screed is very quick to install over large areas. It can be laid to just 40mm thick and has an increased drying time compared to traditional screeds while its superior thermal properties mean it’s perfect for underfloor heating systems.

Ultra Quick Drying Screed

Our ultra quick drying screed can be walked on after only 3 hours and floor coverings can be installed in as little as 24 hours.

After only one day the screed achieves the acceptable minimum compressive and tenstile strength attained by traditional sand and cement screeds after 28 days.

No down-time, no waiting around, the job can be completed in a much shorter time frame.